Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Worst Best Play Of October 1st

Game One, NLDS. Brewers at home against the Diamondbacks.

Its the first inning, the talented Justin Upton steps up to the plate. Willie Bloomquist is on second and one out. 

Justin Upton hits a line drive, just out of Yuniesky Betancourt's reach. Bloomquist has to hold up to make sure he isn't doubled off at second if its caught.

One, Two, Three hops. Left Fielder Ryan Braun fields the ball, stopping and losing all forward momentum.

At this point, Braun isn't that deep in the outfield, fairly shallow actually. Matt Williams aggressively waves "Fast" Willie around 3rd.
Braun's throw is on line, but not strong. Bouncing maybe 7 feet inside the 2nd to 3rd base baseline.

One, Two, Three hops. Jonathan Lucroy fields the ball and blocks the plate. He lies in wait for Bloomquist. An easy play at the plate as Bloomquist decides to slide into the catcher rather than running him over and trying to jar the ball loose. 

So this is playoff baseball in the National League.

The abysmal Willie Bloomquist leading off for a playoff team. Attempting to score a first inning run, gets thrown out by a player with a notoriously poor arm. His 3rd base coach waving him around 3rd before the ball even lands in the outfield. A throw that slowly 3 hops to Lucroy, who can somehow just sit and wait for THE Willie Bloomquist to come and make him hold onto the ball with a physical clash at the plate. And Willie decides to quarterback slide into the tag.  Suddenly, I understand why its called the senior circuit. Men who throw like 80 year olds throw out guys who act as if any contact will break their hip as they have decisions made for them by a man who is obviously senile. Good game National League, good fucking game!

Ladies and Gentleman. 

The Worst-Best Best-Worst play of October 1st.

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